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Retired Army Major And Highly Decorated Vietnam Vet Sends Letter Of Endorsement To Veterans Groups Across Tennessee!

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Sending Another Politician To Washington Is NOT The Answer!

As we travel across the state and speak to different groups, we are usually asked about our opponents in the U.S. Senate race.  Since Lamar’s liberal voting record and “out of touch” mindset speaks for itself, that leave Joe Carr.  Below are just a few of the articles we were able to find within about two-minutes of research.  They are NOT flattering, but they make our point….Sending Another Politician To Washington Is NOT The Answer!  Please share with as many as possible.  There is still plenty of time to make a difference!  Washington needs ethically sound men and women with Godly guiding principles, relevant experience and education and no worries of stepping on someones toes when it comes time to take a stand!  The battle we face now will not be won by a politician.  It is a fight between good and evil.  We are asking for your help in restoring our great nation!

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Our New TV & Social Media Commercial

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Campaign Stop In Greeneville.


Recently Blessed To Address A Great Group Of Citizens In Greeneville Looking For Real Change!



Recent local races included county mayor, sheriff and property assessor. Great people looking for a great deal of change. And starting with the weak and ineffective leadership in the U.S. Senate.


Lots of voters very upset with the “old establishment” way of doing things. They are looking for someone who will actually represent the citizens who send them to Washington!

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Team King Is Marching Toward A “Virginia Style” Upset. It’s coming!

In our travels across the state, we haven spoken to thousands who have reached their boiling point with the “old establishment”  political machine.  Many career politicians have lost their sense of reality and connection with the citizens who sent them to Washington.  The recent upset of Cantor in Virginia has energized our citizens.  Sure, the Tea Party may have contributed a few hundred votes, but make no mistake, it was people who were fed up and decided to take a stand!  Not since the establishment of the 13 Colonies, has taxation without representation been so evident.  The citizens of the Great State Of Tennessee are also demanding change!  Lamar has grown weak, ineffective and way out of touch.  His lack of leadership and liberal voting record speaks for itself.  As for our other opponent Joe Carr, we would simply be replacing one politician for another.  Mr. Carr is still digging out from under his problems with the Federal Election Commission and the Senate Ethics Committee over separate issues that include tainted donations and faulty financial disclosures.  It’s just more of the same old political muck!  A vote for Carr is simply wasted, because there is no way he can win East Tennessee.  And it’s a fact and matter of numbers that a U.S. Senate seat in Tennessee will NOT be won without doing so.  In addition to speaking across the state, we are in the middle of a statewide gun show tour.  Below is a pic of an awesome t-shirt we received recently at the Knoxville show.  We also took a few minutes to talk about our Constitution with some young attendees.  Upcoming activities include a trip to Virginia to discuss strategy with Team Brat that recently handed Cantor a huge surprising loss.  Also, we are working to secure a visit on Glenn Beck’s show to discuss our new “American Dream Giveaway.”  More to come.  And remember, it’s Out With Lamar And NO To Carr.  After all, sending another politician to Washington is NOT the answer!


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